Video of the Boat Project

Buy a ticket to the moon!!! Help the boats!!!! Watch the video!!!!!

(Thanks to Eddie Codel!!!!!!)

To buy a ticket to the moon, you can send PAYPAL

or you can mail to Chicken John 3359 Army SF Ca 94110.

Make sure to include your mailing address so we can send you your ticket…


9 Responses

  1. […] UPDATE: Chicken John and Eddie Codel created a video about Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea. […]

  2. Cool as hell.
    ’bout time we heard from you. we thought you’d fallen in.

  3. Will you be crossing the Atlantic in one of these very soon? Or at least a San Francisco to Honolulu voyage.

  4. Sarcasm simply won’t do, so good luck and keep the wet side down.

  5. Huckleberry Chicken or HuckleChicken Finn… if you could sail one of those boats to the moon you could really rake in the loot…
    Safety third..

  6. dammit! keeps asking me where you are. And don’t pay the ferry man until you get to the other side…

  7. you were in my dream last night – thanks!

  8. The impossible being somewhat inevitable, I imagine that a *wire* stretched @238k miles to the moon is conceivable should us clowngineers get our roustabout acts together & one might do well to homage this Petit champ (…er, poseur) by balancing on it there and back again.

  9. Chicken you are the real deal and I love you. I wish I could back to see it, but I need a ticket to the moon..

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