Last Lost Vegas Post. i promise…

Well, I’ve done all I can. I booked this event 6 days ago. The boat project needed a benefit show or two. I’m doing a poker night at my place next Saturday as well. That’s what I got. I hope it brings in some money for the project, but who cares really. I forgot how much fun it was to build events like this. No wonder why I used to do these things all the time. We have been laughing for days. The event will be stellar no matter what. The Otto jump will be a new low… I dunno. I’m pretty happy with what a guy can do in 6 days.

Here is what you will be missing tonight if your not at Lost Vegas:

Mirium Telles on the Trapeze photos by Eric Gillet

mirium 1

Mirium 2

the world famous photoboof will be there. You can take tons of photos and stuff…


Wink and Yoni, just back from their tour of Eli, Nevada…

wink and yoni

Tango #9, featuring Zoli on the mike!

tango #9

The Chese Puffs ROCK! Photo by Fling93

Cheese Puffs

The demure Mark Growden Trio

Mark Growden @ Crash Mansion



The only Devo Cover band playing lounge versions, MONGOLOUNGE photo by Scott Beale

Lost Vegas

Sparkle Motion


If you can’t come, you can tune in here, live streamed by BurnCast:


One Response

  1. A thoroughly excellent time was had by all on Easter Eve at Cellspace. “Lost Vegas” was an appropriate sarcasm for the state of our economy.
    Particularly hilarious was the performance by action artist – Otto Von Danger! I also was tickled by Freaktronics. Every performer was tip top.
    Thank You Chicken John.. and Tall Jim.

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