No Dr. Hal, Poker Saturday, SISSY Sunday…

OK, so we were supposed to do a Dr. Hal show this week, but Tom Kennedy’s passing has made us all very sad and slow. I was gonna do the whole “It’s really the last show, EVER!!!!” thing. Please be surprised when I do it next week.

But in other news, we are having a poker tournament as a benefit for the Boat Project this next Saturday at 7:00. Totally fun, at the Chez Poulet. Email for more info.
Did you know that I’m playing at Amnesia this coming Sunday? 9:00 or so…

Sissy was a band in the late 80’s and early 90’s that I played guitar and sang in with Chuck Clearwater. It was a good time to be a rock ‘n roller. We were actually so new wave, that we were in the process of changing our name to Sissy UK when Chuck died. And that was the end of that.

chicken head shot

The years have gone by. Like 20 of ‘em since the inception. I have always wanted to finish the Sissy record, which was abandoned due to overwhelming sadness.

Picture 3

A few weeks ago, I went into the studio and laid down the final tracks to complete the CD. I booked a show at Amnesia this Sunday and with the help of the Paper Dolls, Sissy is gonna play a short set. I can’t sing like a girl anymore… so I need help hitting the high notes. But I can still sing in 4/4 and play in ¾ and make that guitar solo face.

chicken elvis suit guitar

I love to play. When that stupid guitar is in my hands, I wonder what I’m doing fuckin’ around with boats or cars or whatever. It still works. From the first time, all those years ago. I’ve still got my V, the one Spedding gave me. I’ve got my half stack. And I’ve got a great band.


(Chris Spedding playing the yellow V he would later give me. Chris Spedding, if you didn’t know, the greastest living guitar player… And I? In my early 20’s, I was his roadie tech guy… a great, great honor.)

We’re gonna do like 5 Sissy songs, then Dr. Hal is gonna come rock the mike and do a buncha songs. Chris Campbell plays drums and Jason Stein plays the bass. Jolene, Emily and Heather-Marie from the Paper Dolls make it awesome.

At Amnesia, Sunday April 19th. 9:00. Opening act Tiger Honey Pot


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  1. […] John has resurrected his New Wave band Sissy that he formed 20 years ago in NYC. He’s laid down tracks to finish their CD and is doing a […]

  2. Hey Great post again ! ^^ I really love this blog, and sorry for the mistakes : I am French 🙂

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