Poker on Saturday, Sissy and the Odeon Cocaine All Star Band on Sunday

OK. So I put my old band together to do a recording session. I’m trying to piece my past together. Since I put the band together, I figgered why not do a gig. Sounds fun. But now I gotta promote it. So here goes: please looky loo at this video of me from 22 years ago playing in the band Sissy, and singing like a little girl. Make sure you laugh the entire time.

And make sure you leave horrible comments as well. I’ve actually got a few HUNDERD hours of video to upload. I don’t know who would ever want to watch any of it. Except there are a few hundered of you in the videos as well. So maybe there is hope.



My gig is at Amnesia on Sunday, at 9:00. I think the admission is like $5 or $7. We are playing with some people from the Yarddogs doing like Yarddogs unplugged or something. Come on time if ya wanna check that out.



We’ll be doing 5 or 6 Sissy songs with the help of the Paper Dolls, because I can not hit the high notes anymore. Then Dr. Hal will do a few poems to music. It’ll be fun.


There is also a poker night at my house on Saturday. We have room for 30 people, and we have like 20 signed up. So room for 10 more. First come, first serve. Here are the details:

Chicken John’s Texas Hold ’em Tournament Fundraiser!!!

At Chez Poulet

3359 Army St. (Cesar Chavez) @ Mission

$40 buy in


7:00 – 7:30 Registration and Tutorial!

This tournament is not just for the die hard poker players, all are welcome! From 7 to 7:30 the experienced can register and have a beer while the beginners get an instruction on how the tournament is played, from poker basics to how the tournament will work.

7:30 Tournament Begins!

Tournament begins with your $40 buy in for 1000 chips. Blinds start at 10 and 20 (if you don’t know what this means, no worries! Just be there for the tutorial) and go up every 15 minutes (see chart below). For the first 4 rounds (1 hour), you will be allowed to add on 500 chips for an additional $20 if your stack goes below 500 chips. After that it will be sudden death elimination, meaning that once you are out of chips, you are out of the tournament. Tables will be kept at as even a number as possible.

This is a fundraiser for the junk boat project, which as most of you know lost a majority of its funding. Last week we held LOST VEGAS, as sort of fractured and demented casino, and this Saturday will be a sort of annex to that, a totally fun and laid back poker night, with the money going to the project, and prizes set up for the top 4 players in the tournament.


1st Prize: $100 cash prize

$150 gift certificate to Acme Chophouse

$50 Amoeba Music Gift Certificate

6 bottles of XXXXX Wine (valued @ $25 each)

10 pounds of Ritual Coffee

2nd Prize $ 50 cash prize

$ 25 Amoeba Music

$ 50 gift certificate to Held Over Vintage Clothing Store

3 bottles of XXX Wine (valued @ $25 each)

5 pounds ritual coffee

3rd Prize $25 cash prize

2 bottles of wine (valued @ $25 each)

2 pounds ritual coffee

4th prize 1 Bottle of Wine (valued @ $25)

1 pound of coffee

I AM STILL ACTIVELY SEEKING MORE PRIZES!! If you want to donate something, contact me and we will add it on!

Blinds: Increase Every 15 Minutes

Round small big blind

1 10 20
2 15 30
3 20 40
4 25 50
5 50 100
6 75 150
7 100 200
8 150 300
9 200 400
10 300 600
11 400 800
12 500 1000
13 600 1200
14 800 1600
15 1000 2000


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  1. […] Sissy that he formed 20 years ago in NYC. He’s laid down tracks to finish their CD and is doing a show at Amnesia in San Francisco this Sunday, April 19th. Here’s a music video of Sissy from the […]

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