Sissy and the Odeon Cocaine All Star Band Sunday at Amnesia


This Sunday night, at the Amnesia Bar on Valencia Street… My band from the 80’s is gonna make all those accordian dorks look like Jr. Varsity. I mean really. Sometimes you just gotta rock. I like a ukelele just as much as the next chubby Italian guy from Jersey, but sometimes I just need a hook and a bassline. Know what I mean?


Sissy was a great band. Still is. Playing in a band is so much easier then doing something like Lost Vegas. And you get to actually PLAY!!!! I was at Cell Space at 4:00 Sunday AFTERNOON!!!! Ya play in a band, you load your truck up takes 5 minutes. Easy. You don’t have to build a motorcycle jump out of foam-core and teach lighting cues to 4 people. You just show up and rock. Do a pile of blow in the dressing room, collect the money and take a few girls home. Oh. Right. That was the 80’s. OK, that wasn’t actually the way it was then either. Oh the humanity.


Gonna do a few songs with Dr. Hal as well. It’ll be fun.


Also Mika and Tora with Tiger Honey Pot on first. Mika is the guitar guy from the Yarddogs. He’s pretty good. For a hobo….



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