Texas Hold ’em, tonight at 7:00 and farewell to Caleb…

OK, we’ve got like 6 seats open for tonight’s game if ya wanna play. Texas Hold ’em is poker, with half the cards face up on the table. It’s a fun game, and it’s easy to learn. Lemme know if yer commin’…


We now say farewell to Caleb Schaber (aka Shooter). Suicide has always puzzled me and although I had done an excellent job of alienating Caleb for a decade, I really feel sorry for the people close to him. Adding Caleb to the pile of bodies the gun has taken from us (including Felicity) this is now 18. 11 of which are suicides. As I am to understand, he shot himself in the face, with that very intention, in front of his girlfriend. Pretty horrific.


I will always see guys like Caleb as war victoms, even though they never were in the military or whatever. Drunk with guns and duty or something. I’ve never been able to relate. The best I can do is offer some memorial here, and to say quite plainly that I truly hope that he’s getting what he needs. And as we drags our bodies through time, that we will harvest the wisdom to understand and respect the people whose actions baffled and infuriated us. And to define Caleb in a way that would have made him proud: he was hard-core. That means that not only was he hard on the outside…. he was hard all the way through… to the center of his being. Hard, to the core. Hard-core. Godspeed, Caleb. There was no one quite like you.



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