I knew it…


Gavin tweeting his intention of global domination, phto by nathan ballet

So. Not that you all already didn’t know that this was going to happen: Gavin Newsom has declared that he wishes to be president of the United States of America, unless Michelle Obama wants to be (you heard that here first, folks). In order to be President, he’s gonna have to slum it for 6 ½ years as Govenor. Just like he’s slumming it now as Mayor. Will it work? Yup.

gavin finger

Gavin shaking the finger warning me that the Ethics Commission are not nice people,
photo by lane hartwell http://www.fetching.net

But remember, Gavin… “Don’t count those chickens…”

I havn’t come up with a strategy to milk Gavin’s campaign for Govenor yet, but I will. It could be a lot worse. But he will win. I need an angle, in which to form an opinion. I am a little baffled by all of it. Why would anyone want to be Govenor of California? I kinda feel sorry for the guy. Things could have been different, of course….

chicken and dammit go to city hallphoto by lane hartwell http://www.fetching.net

Chicken and Dammit making fun of civilization, photo by lane hartwell http://www.fetching.net



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