Update, Chicken on Burncast.tv and Frenchy’s Burning Man Movie on Saturday…


photo by Nick Winterhalter

Well it’s ask and ye shall receive over here. Today is Wedensday. All bruises healed and the white of my eye is again, white. I sold 180 bottle rockets @ $10 a pop and a guy named David McGraw used his frequent flier miles to get me to Venice and back. I leave in a few short days.

missed me!


Photo by Neiltron

There is a video of me on Burncast this week, if ya wanna see me blither on about nothing… Burncast is a pretty cool Burning Man thingity thing thing run by DaBomb. IT’s like what the BM Company should have as their content, but instead has that banal dreck they shovel out as like the over-giddy happy happy camp councilor for the Special Olympics of art: Where everyone plays and everyone’s a winner!!!! Super!!!!!! The Burning Man Company has this REALLY EXCITED guy named Will Chase who spins a monthly email to make it look like the entire Earth is turning to the Burning Man Company to answer questions about sustainablity and the almalgamation of culutural relevancey. But as always, the Burning Man Company has no actual product for you to consume. They are a broker of other people’s ideas and they just take a cut. A huge cut. 99.999% of any and all credit for one and they don’t really do much in the way of advances for the content. It’s like the Elks club for really rich, really stupid people who like whip-it’s. Burning Man as an event is now totally irrelivant, and as we watch the stewards grow old and fat and confused, we also watch them flail around and attmept to control the history and preserve their legacy which is funny because they will only ever be known (if they are known at all) as people who got in the way of the money before we figgered out how to eliminte the money process from art. They mostly ignore things like Burncast, from time to time they will kick at it a little because they don’t control it so they fear it because someone like DaBomb could stumble on something that is interesting and the truth but it wouldn’t be in the best interest of the Burning Man Company so they would prefer to eliminate it from the face of the Earth.

Kinda like this movie that is playing this Saturday, where Larry makes such an ass of himself you will spit your beer out.

Finnally, you can participate in the spoiled rotten Larry I have had to endure all these years. It’s finally on film. Once they put Paul Addis in jail, they elimintated me ever seeing them as actual human beings anymore. I mean, they used the fucking cops. On one of us. The only lower thing is to use the IRS. Which by the way, is legal. You can call the IRS and cost someone like $30K in accounting fees. Hey, these are just words… not actions. I’d never call the IRS on someone. But then again, I’d never put anyone in jail. I’ve been to jail. Don’t go there.

The movie is called Dust and Illusions. It starts at 7:00 on Saturday. You should go…

Delancey Street Foundation Theater
600 Embarcadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

It was made by some french guy. You will laugh and cheer watching the LLC make complete fools of themselves. Ya know, like they always do but this time edited by a French guy who’se lips aren’t purple from drinking the Kool Aide. Larry makes such an ass of himself, actually, that after watching the movie you will never again spend a penny of your own money making art for the festival and this feeling that you will have I absolutely guarantee. And it’s a good movie. It’s got a good arc and it’s got Jim Mason. Ya can’t go wrong. All proceeds go to the Tom Kennedy family. By the way, I’m the star of the movie. Which means that I make a fool of myself about as much as Larry, but I’m funnier and not so full of myself that I’m gonna explode.

Burning Man as an event has become a rite of passage for all Canadians.

Frechy made a good movie. Go see it.


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