Goodbye and Camp Tipsy!

O.K. So I leave for Slovenia in the morning. The boats are in the water. Ready for me to put the motors on and go…



This is the boat Alice, but in the Adriatic. It’s weird to think that giant hulk is out there.

photo by Tod Seelie

So I’m off to crash the Bianalle. With bullshit. I’ll be back later. But in the meantime, you’ll be hearing about OUR boating event, Camp Tipsy.


This is kinda a “save the date” email. It’s important to remember that this trip that I am going on now is possible because of the $5K Camp Tipsy made last year. Camp Tipsy this year is going to make the boat trip NEXT year possible. Including the exit strategy after the Bianalle this year. Yes, I’m that organized! I know, it’s hard to believe…

Camp Tipsy is a camping trip at Lake Ladoga California.

It’s 2 weeks long.

It starts on Monday July 27th and ends on Monday August 10th or so.

It’s tent and RV type camping with no services.

There is a nice lake.

It’s a boat buiding contest, with actual prizes and $ for the winners.

The contest is at 3:00 on Saturday August 1st. Camp Tipsy is a 2 ½ drive from the Mission, SF.

It’s near the town of Maxwell, off the 5.

Motor boats are allowed, but discouraged.

There is no amplified sound. At all.

Children are encouraged. Great kid spot.

Boats are judged not only on lack of engineering but also on crummy implimentation. The coveted “last place” award for least effort is the category to watch out for. The idea of Camp Tipsy is to have fun and build boats. Build ‘em outa nothing at all. It’s an excercize in a catyclismic future that Kevin Cosner portrayed so poorly.

If your interested:


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