Here are some of Neils photos

Neil is my roomate, he came to document stuff and do the things that photographers do. You may remember Neil as when he quit is job he did the standard “resignation letter”. Standard thing, really. He wanted out of his mind numbing data entry thing and become a pro photographer. Here is a photo of his resignation letter. On a cake.

Cake of Resignation

I think he’s doing just fine. He hooked up with the boats for a few days. Here are some photos…

The Most Italian Rendition of The Most Italian Chicken

This is a photo of me in Bologna. I was feeling particularly Italian that day. I have the stupidest haircut ever.

Alice arriving in Venice

Alice arriveing in the Venice harbor.

Maria and Old Hickory arriving in Venice

Old Hickory and Maria arrive in the Venice harbor.

Ben Burke, Sea Sailor

Ben Burke, swarthy mate.

Dinner, Torre di Fine

The crew, eating vegal gruel on the banks of a canal waiting for favorable weather… look at the sunset… the colors of everything here are kinda amazing.


This is one of my new favorite people, Ian. He was our Italiano link as well as a doer, worker and all around swell guy. This photo is stunning. I like it.


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  1. Hi Chicken. I’m katie, I was the medic / mechanic on the Miss Rockaway for their second year. I’m trying to get in touch with Nick, as I’m in the Bay for a few days. Do you have his contact info, and/or can you send him mine?


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