Junk boats to Venice put to bed…

So the Swimming Cities project went swimmingly and now the deconstruction is almost complete. The boats are back in containers and who knows what’ll happen next year. But the spoiled rotten leaderless collective of angry vegans pulled it off. And I’m proud of ’em. There is a Flickr slideshow that is on the site, http://www.swimmingcities.org, if you wanna see the boats get smaller. A project like this will make a man outta ya, for sure. I discovered this year that I’m too old to sleep on the ground and argue the politics of the creative class. It was a cool trip for everyone but I got a graduation out of it. The project was touted by some as the coolest thing to EVER happen to the Bianalle, and that’s what we were supporting. So that’s cool.

Picture 2

Boating is a great thing. All around. There is no reason is perceived as a sport for the rich. Being on the water is calming, wonderful thing. I reccomend it. Going through the canals was an awesome experience. Truly. You should do it sometime if your body is ever in that part of the world. It’s beautiful. There are actually a butload of boat projects out there in the world, I’ve found. I’ll post some of them here, for your amusement.

But it’s nice to be home. I miss the dog, ya know… she’s happy and healthy and doing the things that grandma dogs do. It’s another beautiful day here in the city of art and innovation. I’m gonna keep my head down for a minute. I gotta do some work, pay some bills…


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