Camp Tipsy this weekend (or anytime you wanna come, actually)

Camp Tipsy has some Olympic contestants. Special Olympics, that is…

Here are a few of the boats you will see floating around….

Kezia and her catfish boat (notice the floatation she uses) with the top off. Yes, there are a few bike helmets in there:


Here is Team Fandango:



Their entry blurb:

Our UFO-themed “boat” is made from a bathtub and some incredibly flimsy bits of found-lumber that we used for an outriggger/sun-deck. If this deck holds up through the weekend without somebody snapping it in half trying to “come aboard”, I’ll eat my tricorn pirate hat. We still need to affix our “floatation” sacks, as I’m betting our duct-tape latticework won’t stand up to three weeks in the sun of the NIMBY parking lot, much less immersion in water. (We have alternate plans involving the plastic mesh from hay-bales.) We are aiming roundly at a Third Place prize (worst design) since we just made it out of whatever was handy, and then painted it silver. We’re not even sure if we’ll be able to reach the water with a paddle. But it’s totally gonna work.

The amazing Scott built a Hovercraft out of leafblowers. Yes, he did…


And yes, that is a model airplane prop and a weed wacker engine….


Here are the barells for the Ritual location nearest to Camp Tipsy:

barrel day 033

Directions to Camp Tipsy:

Take I-5 North to the Maxwell exit. Take Maxwell Sites road west. Take it for like 12 miles or so, over the big hill. The ONLY thing you will see is the Lodoga Store which is also Lodoga Storage. 300 feet after the store is a brown sign for East Park Reserviur, but they probably spelled it more better. There will be Camp Tipsy signs everywhere. It is impossible to get lost. If you do a Google search for Lodoga, California, you will see the lake. The store is at the crossroads. The store is actually the entire town of Lodoga. And it’s for sale.

It’s free camping. If you wanna give me some money to defer costs that’s great. It’s expensive to get all that shit up there and takes tons of time. But it’s a donation thing. There is no gate, no ranger ect…



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